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More and more tourists are coming to visit a flamenco tablao in Seville to enjoy a live art show. The tradition of flamenco tablaos dates back to the 19th century, when these “places” began to proliferate throughout Spain where you could see pure flamenco being performed by renowned professional artists.

Flamenco is one of the hallmarks of Andalusian culture and is present not only in the form of a show, but is part of our way of being and living. Moreover, flamenco is internationally recognized and many countries celebrate flamenco festivals, attracting curious people and connoisseurs of this pure art form.

The way of traveling has changed throughout time and now tourists are looking for experiences that make an incursion into the local environment, which is close to the way of life of the locals. And with flamenco, it was not going to be less. In fact, curiosity is usually the main motivation for visit a flamenco tablao in Seville, the interest in getting to know an art form that is part of a culture, in this case, of Andalusia.

Moreover, to talk about a flamenco show in Seville is to talk about quality. The shows are performed by artists with a wide range of experience who dance, sing and play not only in the flamenco tablao, but also participate in competitions, tributes and even various celebrations. Thus, it is clear that flamenco is not just another musical genre, but that it tells part of the history of towns and cities.

Now, answering the question, we will give you 8 reasons to visit our tablao Cuna del Flamenco and choose us from all the places to see a live flamenco show.

Tablao flamenco in Seville: why come to Cuna del Flamenco

  • Because of its location. It seems like a simple reason, but our tablao flamenco is right in the centre of Seville, in one of the most emblematic and historic streets of the city, Cuna Street. Moreover, the building on which it is located is the old Quintero Theatre, a place that has been a cinema, a television set and now a flamenco theatre. If you are on a tourist route, you will quickly find Cuna del Flamenco, so do not hesitate to come and visit us.
  • For being part of the culture and tradition: as we told you at the beginning of this article, flamenco is part of the culture and tradition of Andalusia. To visit a flamenco tablao in Seville is to get into the origins of the Andalusian people themselves and a way of understanding our way of life.
flamenco tablao in seville
  • Flamenco in Seville, one of the capitals of flamenco: the Andalusian capital is considered one of the most important cities as far as flamenco is concerned. The Sevillian quarter of Triana has been the cradle of great artists and the place where flamenco dancers, singers and guitarists have settled. So, if you want to know more about flamenco, don’t hesitate to sign up for a visit to a flamenco tablao in Seville.
  • A different tablao flamenco: Cuna del Flamenco is a theatre converted into a tablao, with halls full of flamenco culture, as we have a collection of posters of the Aprils´s Fair on the walls. You can take pictures with them and with the sets we have prepared, like the recreation of a stand of the Feria of Seville.
tablao flamenco in seville
  • A different flamenco show: not only our tablao is different and unique, but also our flamenco show. “Seducción Flamenca” is about the origins of this art, it makes a journey through the most traditional styles of flamenco under a common thread: a love story based on seduction. Everything under the improvisation of our artists, who make each show different. Moreover, being in a small theatre, the atmosphere is intimate and close. You will be able to feel the vibration of a tap-dancing and the movements of the shawl, so you won’t miss it!
  • Different passes: the tablao Cuna del Flamenco has three daily passes, at 5:30 pm, 7 pm and 8:30 pm. You can choose the one that best suits you and book your ticket online.
  • Good reviews and public reception: the tablao Cuna del Flamenco has hundreds of reviews in Google My Business, as well as very positive in TripAdvisor. Take a look at all of them and let yourself be convinced by what others think of us.
  • Cuna del Flamenco, tablao flamenco in Seville and a place of sensations: flamenco is a living art that provokes feelings in those who listen to it, see it and even in those who perform it. In our tablao you can let yourself be carried away by the artists’ waste of feelings and see what is the flamenco.

As you can see, visit a flamenco tablao in Seville is the perfect culmination to a touristic route through the monuments, restaurants and emblematic places of the city.

If you want to know more about this art, you can book online your ticket to Cuna del Flamenco and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

We are waiting for you!

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