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That flamenco is part of the Andalusian culture and, especially, of Seville, is something known by all. In fact, visiting a flamenco tablao in Seville is one of the essential activities to learn about this art.

Flamenco goes beyond music and singing. Many scholars, especially the more traditional flamencologists, say that flamenco should not be considered a musical genre, but rather a symbol that represents a very particular way of living and feeling.

The “jondo” or “hondo” singing is considered the purest form of this art, since it was the basis on which, later on, the different styles of flamenco were settled. Flamenco jondo is that which “is born from the soul”, which is part of an expression and which is intimately linked to feelings.

That is why its lyrics represent basic emotions that are known to everyone: love, jealousy, passion, death. An example is the singing of soleás, a flamenco form considered by many as the “mother of flamenco”.

Beyond all these beliefs, the truth is that flamenco is full of nuances and is rich in variety and forms, as well as being mouldable. An example of this can be seen in the instruments: although the guitar, the castanets and the cajón are considered the classic accompaniment of a flamenco group, others can be seen such as the saxophone, violin and even the piano, making different genres and rhythms mix and creating unique compositions.

For Andalusians, flamenco is present in many areas of their daily lives, so much so that even in popular festivals, such as Holy Week and the Feria de Abril, there are constant references to this art form. This can be seen in the posters used to announce the arrival of these festivals, which have already become a symbol.

tablao flamenco in seville

Tablao flamenco in Seville: flamenco posters and unique show

In our flamenco tablao, right in the heart of Seville’s historic centre, we have a magnificent collection of posters, which we have called the Museum of Flamenco Posters.

In the anterooms of our theatre, which is over 100 years old, you will find an exhibition of posters from the April Fair, as well as from the Spring Festival (which includes Holy Week).

In the beginning, the posters were more informative and contained few artistic references. They were used to indicate important dates or news with the municipal coat of arms and were hung at certain strategic points so that everyone could see them.

It is considered that it was in 1885 when the first artistic poster appeared, made by Narciso Sentenach. The popularity of these displays was such that they even had international circulation.

There were many artists who gave shape to the posters of the Spring Festival, even some years it has been opened to competition, in which anyone who wanted, could participate with a work.

This year, the poster for the 2020 Spring Festival has already been presented. It was created by Fernando Vaquero, a Sevillian painter who is known for his work in Seville’s poster industry: the poster for Holy Week in Seville in 2019, the poster for Corpus Christi in 2016 and the poster for the Coming of the Virgin of Rocío, also in 2019, among many others.

Under the slogan “In a Seville courtyard fits all springs”, Vaquero wanted to represent the course of life through the three ages of women, and with a staging full of symbols and details.

“There is only one space where all the parties happen at the same time and that place is in our memories, in that life we count on not for years, but for springs”, said Fernando Vaquero during the presentation.

tablao flamenco in seville
Poster of Fernando Vaquero.

Thus, in addition to a flamenco show that recovers the essence of the old singing cafés, our tablao flamenco in Seville is a place full of history, which tells little pieces of our culture and shows everyone who visits it the beauty of this pure art.

If you are in the centre of Seville, stop by Calle Cuna 15 and you will be able to see our Poster Museum, a recreation of a stand from the Feria de Abril, flamenco dresses, accessories and instruments, all before going into one of Seville’s emblematic theatres.

best tablao flamenco in seville

Enjoy for one hour the best flamenco show in Seville, with six professional artists who improvise on the stage the traditional flamenco palos.

Book your ticket online in one of our three daily passes and we’ll be waiting for you!

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