Sevillanas Online Course

10.00 (IVA incluido)

In this online course of ‘Initiation to the flamenco Sevillanas’, which is in Spanish and English, you will learn step by step the technique of arms, hands, body placement, walks… In short, all the elements you need to dance the first sevillana.

You can do this course online whether you have previous knowledge or not, as it is designed so that everyone who is interested can do it. Do you want to learn this rhythmic dance that is common in Andalusian parties?


Why buy this course?

The online course of ‘Introduction to Sevillanas’ is a unique opportunity for you to learn the technique of this flamenco form step by step and at your own pace. Our dancer, Marisa Risu, will be in charge of teaching you the compass, body positioning, breaks, hand and arm movements and the traditional “paseíllos” of this style.

The sevillanas is one of the most danced regional dances in Spain and is characterized by following a choreography of steps to which you can give your own “flamenco touch”. Moreover, it is one of the styles of flamenco that are danced in pairs or in batches, making colourful combinations in any festivity.

Its origin dates back to the Castilian seguirillas, which in the 18th century began to include dancing.

What will you learn in this course?

  • You will learn the rhythm of the sevillana flamenca, which is three beats (3/4), the first being stronger and the next two weaker.
  • Sevillana step, passes, breaks, arm and hand movements.
  • A choreography of the first sevillana (there are four), complete.
  • The steps learned will be used to apply them to other flamenco dances with the same 3/4 time signature.

Elements of the first sevillana

Marisa Risu will start with the position of the feet and the positioning of the body, to gradually complete each of the resources that characterise this flamenco dance. The sevillanas start to be danced at the beginning of the fourth measure as soon as the singing starts.

In order for you to learn it with precision, advance at your own pace and evolve, our teacher will do several repetitions of each exercise separately and also joining the different movements of the body, feet and hands.

The four parts that make up a sevillana begin with the same position: the left foot slightly open outwards and the right foot in front, pointy. Next, one of the characteristic elements of the sevillana flamenca is performed, the sevillana steps or paseíllo, which our dancer will explain to you in detail so that you can practice it, always starting with the right foot.

The pasadas or crosses are also another exercise that you will learn in this course. It is the way you cross with your partner during the dance and requires a specific technique. You always start a pass with your left foot (independently you do one or four) and you do it facing the other person and with a turn when you reach the final position.

The body breaks or quiebros, as well as the arm and hand movements are other resources that our teacher will be teaching you throughout each lesson.

The hands will have the following placement: putting the middle finger inwards and the rest outwards. The movement of the wrist should always be from the inside to the outside. Finally, to get the soft and beautiful movement of the braceo during the sevillanas dance, you must stretch your back well and go up and down the arms in circular movements, so that there is always one above.

The aim is for each of these elements, which you will work on separately and together, to be learnt and fitted in with the music of the choreography.

When you have completed all the learning, you will be able to do the complete dance of the first sevillana together with the teacher and repeat it as many times as necessary so that you can memorize and internalize it until its execution is adequate.