All Flamenco

30.00 (IVA incluido)

We offer you a complete flamenco experience through six pure and traditional flamenco shows. Singing, dancing, guitar, castanets and palms in perfect harmony so that you can get to know and enjoy different flamenco styles: alegrías, seguiriyas, guitar and castanets, sevillanas, taranto, soleá, bulería por soleá, farruca and tangos.

Delve into the origins and essence of flamenco from seven renowned artists, who will make you feel as if you were in our Andalusian tablao. Get closer to the Spanish culture with six online shows that will not leave you indifferent.


A tour of traditional and pure flamenco

Enjoy the essence of flamenco in capital letters with a pure art proposal. Let yourself be carried away by the strength and grip of our artists, with six different shows that will allow you to get to know various flamenco styles.

‘All Flamenco’ is a very complete tour of this art, so you can feel what the atmosphere of a tablao from Seville is like from any corner of the world, through 6 shows of 20 minutes each.

‘Duende Flamenco’ is a tribute to one of the oldest and most traditional flamenco dancing, the alegrías. A cheerful, light and sensual style. All an invitation to the party and the joy. A show that will awaken your senses, with the “tirititrán, trán, trán“, the disrespect and the fuss.

‘Tacón y Garra’ is a journey through two flamenco styles charged with strength and power. The sober character of the farruca contrasts with the festive style of tangos. A show of setbacks, changes of pace, brilliant and very expressive movements of our artists.

With ‘Embrujo Flamenco’ you will enjoy one of the most traditional cantes of this art, the taranto, and the beat of one of the most popular dances from Seville, the sevillanas. A flamenco show with two different styles. The quejío and the sober singing of the taranto alternate with the hustle and bustle, clapping and the festive character of the Sevillanas. Pure art on the tablao. A whole dance of emotions.

‘Raíces Flamencas’ is the return to the deepest sounds, with the flamenco guitar, castanets and the seguiriya as protagonists. It is a look at the history and legacy of this universal art. A trip to the origins. Singing, dancing, clapping, castanets and guitar are linked in perfect harmony so you can enjoy flamenco in its purest form.

‘Esencia Flamenca’ is an amalgam of rhythms, which mixes the clapped palms and various setbacks, resulting in a unique flamenco form: the bulería por soleá or bulería al golpe. Tradition and art in abundance thanks to our race artists who will immerse you in a unique environment from the tranquility of your home.

‘Pasión Flamenca’ is soleá, considered by many ‘the mother of flamenco”. A unique and incomparable show that points directly to the senses. Feel the “jaleo”, a combination of three cantes of great tradition: the jota, the fandango and the seguiriya. It vibrates with the complaining of our cantaores and the strum of the guitar. Get excited with the bravery and expressiveness of our bailaores. Discover one of the most traditional styles of Andalusian flamenco.

Enjoy a complete flamenco experience. ‘All Flamenco’, pure art.