Online Flamenco Show ‘Pasión Flamenca’

7.00 (IVA incluido)

‘Pasión Flamenca’ is a show that aims directly at the senses. The ‘jaleo’, the quejío, the strength and skill of our artists are linked in perfect harmony so that you can enjoy one of the most traditional styles of Andalusian flamenco.

All a tribute to solemnity and depth. Singing, dancing, clapping and guitar give life to a online flamenco show in its purest form. It is expressiveness, brilliance, majesty and melodic richness. It is pure flamenco passion.


A jondo show full of bravery

‘Pasión Flamenca’ is soléa, considered by many to be ‘the mother of flamenco’. A unique and incomparable show that appeals directly to the heart. Feel the “jaleo”, a combination of three singings of great tradition: the jota, the fandango and the seguiriya.

It vibrates with the complaining of our singers and the strum of the guitar. Get excited with the bravery and expressiveness of our dancers.

Let yourself be carried away by a deep flamenco style, which will make your skin stand on end. It is a call to the deep, to the deepest roots of our land. The song with a melancholic tone. An invitation to discover one of the most traditional styles of Andalusian flamenco.

Soleá dancing is pure expressiveness. Enjoy the movement of the arms, the wiggling of the hips, the movements and the footwork. Pure strength and feeling on the boards.

Dive into the slow tempo and depth of cante jondo. ‘Pasión Flamenca’ is an exhibition of flamenco mastery with internationally recognized artists. Live the authentic atmosphere of an Andalusian tablao. Enjoy an authentic flamenco experience with this proposal of the Tablao Cuna del Flamenco.