Flamenco Rumba Online Course

25.00 (IVA incluido)

In this online course of flamenco rumba, which is in Spanish and English, you will learn step by step a complete choreography of one of the most joyful and popular styles of this art. Our dancer will explain step by step the technique of arms, hands, body positioning, footwork… In short, all the elements you need to dance flamenco rumba.

Whether you have previous knowledge or have never danced flamenco before, you can take this course online because we have designed it so that everyone who is interested can do it, regardless of their level. Do you want to learn this rhythmic dance that is common in Andalusian parties?


Why buy this course?

The online flamenco rumba course is a unique opportunity for you to learn the technique of this flamenco form step by step and at your own pace. Our dancer, Marisa Risu, will be in charge of teaching you the compass, body positioning, markings, hand and arm movements, hip swaying and basic and traditional zapateados of this style.

The flamenco rumba is characterized by being a sensual and flirtatious dance, which includes many movements of hips and shoulders. Its origin is Cuban and from the flamencoization of these rhythms came the rumba flamenca, when singers and guitarists translate the sounds of guaracha, son and guaguancó to the guitar and clapping.

What will you learn in this course?

  • You will learn the rhythm of the flamenco rumba, which is binary or four-beat.
  • Marking, body positioning, movement of arms, hands, hips and footwork.
  • A complete choreography of flamenco rumbas.
  • The steps learned will be used to apply them to other flamenco dances with the same binary rhythm.

Elements of the flamenco rumba

Marisa Risu will start with the position of the feet and the positioning of the body, to gradually complete each of the resources that characterise this flamenco dance.

In order for you to learn it with precision, advance at your own pace and evolve, our teacher will do several repetitions of each exercise separately and also joining the different movements of body, feet and hands.

One of the characteristic elements of the flamenco rumba are the foot markings alone, accompanied by clapping or compás, as well as those that include movement only of the feet, those that have turns or those markings that integrate movement of the hands, feet, turns and movements.

The zapateado is also another exercise you will learn in this course. It is a beginner’s heel strike, with dry strokes, which you will be able to perform with ease, even if you have never worn flamenco shoes. Moreover, these zapateados will help you to include them in other flamenco styles.

The body breaks, the soft wiggles of the hips, the braces and hand movements are other resources that our teacher will teach you throughout each lesson.

The objective is that each of these elements, which you will work on separately and together, you learn and fit them with the music of the choreography.

When you have completed all the learning, you will be able to do the complete dance with the teacher and repeat it as many times as necessary so that you can memorize and internalize it until its execution is adequate.