Flamenco New Year’s Eve in Seville

 In Flamenco in Seville

The last night of the year, New Year’s Eve, is a festivity full of traditions and rituals to bring luck in the coming new year. If you are going to be in Seville in New Year’s Eve, you can toast in our flamenco tablao, in which the artists will congratulate the festivities after the singing and dancing shows that will take place on that date.

The custom of toasting with champagne is just one of the many traditions that take place on one of the most magical nights of the year. Do you want to know what they are? Atento, we propose you a list with everything you need to attract good luck in 2020.

New Year´s Eve traditions

Eating the 12 grapes: although the origin of this custom is not known for sure, in Spain it is the most widespread. Some believe that it was due to a surplus of grapes during a harvest at the beginning of the 19th century. Be that as it may, if you are at the end of the year in Seville, you have to take twelve grapes for twelve bells.

Toast with champagne or cava, and gold: this noble material symbolizes wealth, so it is not uncommon for it to be used in rituals where we want to attract “money”. Once the dinner is over and the twelve grapes are taken, the glasses are raised and a sparkling toast is made with a piece of gold inside (ring, medal, chain, etc).

Wear red underwear: red has connotations related to love. For this reason, a garment of this color is usually worn to welcome the new year. It is usually underwear, since it is the closest to the body and, therefore, the chances of attracting prosperity are greater. This tradition is common in Spain, but also extends to other countries, such as Italy.

origen del flamenco
Marisa Risu, one of our flamenco dancers, in a red flamenco costume. Red is also one of the most used colours in flamenco.

Entering with the right foot: it is not very clear where the belief comes from that the right is the right side and the left is the wrong, but the truth is that it is a widespread custom to understand it that way. Therefore, if you want the new year to begin, as they say, with a good foot, you should put your right foot on the ground just after the twelve bells.

Money in shoes: an extended phrase is that it is bad luck to start the New Year with debts, so it is good to start with money and what better way than to carry it. Although it’s not good with any place, you must wear them in your shoes, to be able to “step hard” and attract wealth with force.

Kissing when the clock strikes midnight: although it is a very common picture in the cinema, kissing once the twelve strokes is more common than it seems. Normally, family and friends hug and kiss as a form of affection and joy to be together to end (and start) the year. If you’re superstitious, don’t let this custom pass you by, because, in addition to an expression of affection, it guarantees that you’ll find or continue with love in 2020.

New Year´s Eve in Seville: flamenco and twelve bells

If you are at the News Years´s Eve in Seville and are planning to stay on the street until twelve o’clock, we recommend that you do not go too far from the city centre. Normally, bars and restaurants have special menus for this date, although we recommend that you reserve a table in advance. You can walk around the Plaza de San Francisco and see the incredible Christmas decoration that the Town Hall has put on, with a play of lights on the figures of angels; cross the most central streets and make a route of cribs.

And to see a flamenco show in an emblematic place, the old Quintero Theatre. The tablao Cuna del Flamenco offers three daily flamenco shows in which you can toast with the artists once the show is over. When the show is over, and when it’s time to drink the grapes, take a seat in the Plaza Nueva and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Come and enjoy the best flamenco in Sevilla. Happy New Year!

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