Cuna del Flamenco celebrates its first anniversary

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Flamenco in Seville is more than music and dance, it is part of the culture of the city and of Andalusia. This art has managed to establish itself as a form of expression of feelings, becoming a way of life for dancers, singers and other flamenco artists.

And as part of the city, a year ago the tablao Cuna del Flamenco was opened, to host a new show of singing and dancing that was different from those on offer in Seville.

On the first anniversary of this flamenco tablao, we take a look at its history and evolution until it became a reference point to get into the idiosyncrasy of the Andalusians.

Cuna del Flamenco is located in the heart of the city of Seville, in one of the places with the most history and tradition and known by all Sevillians as “Teatro Quintero”.

The story begins in 1925 when the building was inaugurated as a cinema, which was built by the famous architect Juan Talavera Heredia. Popularly known as “El Pathé”, it housed the first cinema in Seville where a sound film was projected.

In its evolution it passed through different hands, among them those of the well-known Jesús Quintero, “El Loco de la Colina”, who turned the building into a television set where he recorded his programs.

The choice of this location, therefore, is not by chance, as it is a place full of Sevillian history. Cuna del Flamenco is, by definition, a theatre with a flamenco stamp in which one can enjoy a unique show: “Seducción Flamenca”.

flamenco tablao in seville

“Seducción Flamenca” is a journey through the origins of flamenco, through the most traditional flamenco palos. Sevillanas, soleá, tangos, bulería, alegrías…are just some of the styles that the artists dance on stage.

Under the premise of recovering the essence of flamenco and evoking the old singing cafés, a flamenco group formed by dancers, singers and guitarists, give life to one of the most intimate flamenco shows in the Andalusian capital.

Solera, tradition, history, feelings, fury and a lot of duende, are the basis of the show “Seducción Flamenca”.

Traditional, intimate and pure flamenco show

Cuna del Flamenco offers the experience of living flamenco from all perspectives. That is why, as soon as you enter the tablao, you will find one of the best collections of posters of the Seville Spring Festival, which combines Holy Week and the April Fair. Its walls, full of colour, tell the story of the passing of time from a flamenco perspective, with small objects that further contextualise the site, such as guitars and castanets.

The recreation of the interior of a Sevillian booth of the Feria will make you understand this art better, as well as the display of flamenco costumes, as well as accessories, such as combs, fans and small shawls.

best tablao flamenco in seville

Once inside the hall, the arrangement of the seats allows you to enjoy the flamenco show from any of them. An hour full of sensations.

Moreover, the show Seducción Flamenca was born with a clear intention: to let the artists improvise. Thus, every evening, it is the cantaor who sets the beat of the next flamenco palo, making the artists dance and let themselves go.

Once finished, the audience can wait in the anterooms for the dancers, who will come out to chat with them. It is the perfect ending to a flamenco evening, in which you will live this genuine art from beginning to end.

For those of us who live from flamenco this is more than a job, it is a way of life that is reflected in each and every moment of the day. That is why, thanks to the great reception of the public, we are celebrating this first anniversary of Cuna del Flamenco since its opening.

Although the current situation prevents us from being able to celebrate it as it deserves, we do not cease to stamp our feet, to feel, to live flamenco, even if it is from home. Follow us on our social networks and share with us your most flamenco picture. Olé and Thank you!

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